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Fellowship Program

Fellowship Goals and Characteristics
Two fellows participate in one-on-one mentorship for advanced training in the shoulder, elbow and hand reconstruction. They have the opportunity to evaluate and treat upper extremity conditions with four physicians in private practice with an academic emphasis. Tertiary reconstructive and revision problems predominate in this highly specialized practice. Fellows attend orthopedic teaching conferences, clinics, and participate in the clinic’s journal clubs, open and arthroscopic surgery, anatomy labs, and industry‑sponsored workshops. They are expected to prepare publication-quality research involving clinical series and anatomical dissections and potentially with research projects. For the shoulder and elbow, in addition to the routine treatment for arthritis, rotator cuff pathology, instability, and fracture sequelae, there is a major emphasis on complicated reconstructions and revision arthroplasty involving bone and muscle deficits. Anatomic and reverse arthroplasty uses are well covered during the year. Bone defects of the humerus glenoid, and ulna, requiring innovative reconstructions, are common.

For the hand and wrist exposure with Dr. McCarroll and Dr. Redlin, the latest techniques of arthroscopic, endoscopic carpal tunnel releases, congenital hand anomalies, and reconstructions and nerve repairs are included with the routine treatment for Dupuytren contracture, arthritis, and trauma.

There are additional research opportunities through the Medical Polymers Group at UC Berkeley for prosthetic retrievals, through Shriners Hospital UC Davies for pediatric hand reconstructions and for the hospital‑based SimSurg Center similar to the Orthopedic Learning Center in Chicago.

This program does not qualify fellows to take the Certificate of Added Qualifications for Hand Surgery. It is part of the ASES match.  Interviews are conducted Labor Day through Thanksgiving. Applicants may call Chris Jara to arrange for interviews.

Details & Application Requirements

Duration: 1 year (August 1 to July 31)
$60,000/year plus benefits
California Pacific Medical Center, Presidio Surgery Center, Shriners Hospital, UC Davis


Application Requirements

  1. Completed ASES-approved application form
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Completion of an accredited North American residency and applicant must meet eligibility requirements for physician licensure in California
  4. Three letters of recommendation, including one from your department chair.
  5. Participation in the ASES Fellowship match program

ASES Fellowship Information

Team & Contact Information

Fellowship Team

  • Tom R. Norris, MD (Fellowship Director)
  • H. Relton McCarroll, Jr., MD
  • James D. Kelly, II, MD
  • Hillary G. Redlin, MD
  • Chris Jara (Fellowship Coordinator)


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