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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Kelly

“I want to thank you for you excellent work in repairing my arm and relieving the pain that had really begun to wear me down. It’s wonderful to be way on the other side of that! Your staff assistants and fellows were very professional and empathetic. I was rarely every kept waiting which I find very refreshing! Thanks again to you personally and to your wonderful staff. All the best!”

– Marguerie B., Orthopaedic Shoulder Patient

Dr. Norris

“My thanks for the wonderful job Dr. Norris did on my shoulder replacement.”

– Barbara N., Orthopaedic Shoulder Patient

Dr. Norris

“Thank you so very much for my new shoulder. You have given me my life back & I can’t say thank you enough. God bless you!”

– Marchita H., Shoulder Arthroplasty Patient

Mark A. Schrumpf, MD

“My son (Cyril) had a very bad fall  jumping off the couch which resulted in a bone fracture on his left elbow/arm. Dr. Schrumpf made it easy for us to understand his condition and what kind of treatment that needed to be done. From the surgery, follow ups, and all the way to removing his cast, he performed a very excellent service and treatment as well. Thank you so much!”

– Anna and Elmer R., Parents of 6 year old Cyril

Hilary G. Redlin, MD

“Dr. Redlin performed a needle aponeurotomy to treat a Dupuytren contracture on my right finger in October 2013. Before the surgery I was unable to close my finger more than 30 degrees or make a fist. After the surgery, full flexibility was regained, there was no scar and the hand looks perfectly normal.  Dr. Redlin was very attentive and carefully explained the procedure and my options. Dr. Redlin and her staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and fully informed. Friends and family have been amazed at the results of my surgery and I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Redlin who did a spectacular job and is a truly skilled professional.”

– Stephen D., Hand Patient

James D. Kelly II, MD

“On September 3, 2013, I had a full shoulder replacement surgery performed by you. I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent care and respect that I received from you and your colleagues during and after the surgery. I would like to express my thanks to you for performing an outstanding surgery on replacing my right shoulder. I feel that I had one of the best surgeons available. Although I am in the early stages (3 weeks) of recovery, I have had little or no pain in my right shoulder, and it is recovering without any complications. I look forward to a full recovery in the coming months.”

– William C., Shoulder Replacement Patient

H. Relton McCarroll, Jr., MD

I gotta hand it to Dr McCarroll; He’s a brilliant hand and arm surgeon and expert! Many thanks to my friend who referred me. I have a recurring mucus cyst in my ring finger which develops from having osteoarthritis. The first doctor wanted to do surgery […] I learned the truth from Dr McCarroll so that I could make an informed decision. This doctor saved me a lot of grief.

– Sahara G., Osteoarthritis patient

Tom R. Norris, MD

[Dr. Norris is] as good as they get, plain and simple. He did both of my elbows and a nasty fracture of my right arm. High integrity; great guy to work with; outstanding orthopedic surgeon. I worked with him for about 5 years with the above surgeries, so I have some time and experience as his patient. He easily earns the 5-star rating.

– Mark F., Elbow fracture patient

Dr. James Kelly

My shoulder was devastated in an industrial accident and misdiagnosed for six months. Then I went to Dr. James Kelly and I was on my way to recovery! Surgery went like a breeze; in and out in hours and his bedside manners are great, as is the rest of his staff. I’ve been working out in gyms since I was 14, and Dr Kelly has given me back that option. Thanks, Doc!

– Bill S., Shoulder reconstruction patient
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